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Ed Kay

Release date:

Summer 2017


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Free, with opt-in adverts and optional IAPs to progress faster.

How would you describe the game in one sentence?

Hang Line is an extreme-physics climbing game where you swing up dangerous mountain peaks and avoid ending up in hospital from falling rocks, avalanches and angry goats.

What's the game about?

The game is about competing in the world's most extreme climbing tournament, where daredevil climbers use grappling hooks to swing themselves up death-defying mountain peaks. Winning isn’t just about skill, it’s whether you can survive the tournament without ending up in hospital!

Using the unique and intuitive one-tap control system, climb treacherous rock faces and navigate dangerous obstacles including angry mountain goats, falling boulders and shattering ice stalactites. Use your grapple to drag obstacles and pull away ice blockages in order to clear the path forward. Fling yourself to safety as the mountain literally collapses around you.

Play through a series of over 40 unique hand crafted levels, each offering its own unique challenges and surprises including avalanches and volcanoes. Earn awards by searching for special items on the mountain and sustaining the minimum injuries. Progress to the top and experience the catastrophic failures of other climbers that pushed themselves too far... 

What's cool about the game?

It's simple to pick up, but extremely hard to master. The controls allow for a high degree of precision but the variability of the physics constantly surprises. Every element in the game interacts with every other element. Goats can kick cats, cats can pounce on explosives, explosives can explode stalactites, stalactites can crush goats... When this number of systems are all interacting as the player swings and bounces around on an elastic grapple line - you never know what to expect. And that's extremely entertaining.

Who is the developer?

A 15 year game design veteran, Ed Kay has been dreaming of making his own game since discovering the Doom level editor in 1996. But after a career of headshots, explosions and special moves spanning Cthulhu to Bulletstorm, it wasn't until having his dreams shattered from the Lucasarts apocalypse that he decided it was time to escape the constant loop of shipping and layoffs that plagues AAA console development.

So he stepped sideways into the indie scene and began learning all the stuff you don't have to do as a design lead, including tweaking polygons and sinking deep into the void of functions and IF statements. Eventually, in 2016 he made the decision to go solo and moved to Spain to live the dream of sipping Sangria on the beach whilst tapping away on his laptop. But apparently making a game by oneself isn't quite a walk on the seaside...

Instead he has found himself sweating away inside the dark cave of his apartment in Barcelona's Old Town, playing rock music as loud as possible to drown the incessant yelling of drunk tourists outside his window as he programs away till the early hours of the morning...

Where did the idea come from?

The idea of creating a climbing game came from Ed's own feeble attempts at climbing large boulders on the beaches north of San Francisco. There's something very primal and exhilarating about the danger of hanging on to a piece of rock when once false move could put you in hospital. This seemed like an ideal premise for an action game on mobile. But after evaluating a ton of climbing games on the app store, it seemed almost impossible to think of a solid control system that was both easy to get yet hard to master. The idea was almost abandoned until a simple solution appeared...

Screw it - just give the guy a grappling hook. And thus Hang Line was born.

The goal was to create a mobile game that offered something different to all the endless runners out there. Being able to take the game at your own pace instead of just reacting to the obstacles thrown at you was an important part of the design. Using hand crafted levels was intentional to create a very deliberate pace, provide some special moments and to give individual levels charm and personality.

Why free to play?

Some might say that a game with a limited set of hand authored content and no procedural elements is a bit of a strange choice for free to play. Some might even say a recipe for disaster.

But a core goal of this game was to reach as big and audience as possible and have a positive impact, hence making it free so that anyone can download and play it. Although the game does not take itself seriously, there is an underlying message about the danger of extreme sports and the important of taking the right safety precautions. It's basically saying "Extreme sports are fun, but know your limits. And if you're going to do something a bit nuts, then for goodness' sake, wear a helmet!"


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