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Extreme mountain climbing with a grappling hook

A game by Ed Kay

Coming soon for iPhone®, iPad® and Android®.

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Extreme danger guaranteed

Hang Line is an extreme-physics climbing game where you swing up dangerous mountain peaks and avoid ending up in hospital from falling rocks, avalanches and angry goats.

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Maximum injury possible

Play through a series of over 40 unique hand crafted levels, each offering its own unique challenges and surprises including shattering ice stalactites, bubbling volcanoes and vicious mountain cats.

Hang Line has not been released yet, but in this recent playtester satisfaction survey the following comments were recorded:

"I always wanted more excitement in my life but after playing your game I think I'm ok."
- Daredevil Dennis

"I was thinking recently about the meaning of - Woahhh! I just crushed a goat!"
- Nutty Nora

"This game is so dope, but where are the zombies?"
- Hotshot Harry

"When I go to sleep all I see are polygons"
- Kamikaze Karla

"Did that cat just explode?"
- Reckless Ronald

Always take swinging seriously

Climb treacherous rock faces, dodge explosives, yank away ice blockages and risk everything to reach the top - but don't leave home without a helmet.

Developed with blood, sweat and sangria by Ed Kay

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